Visitors Information

This page is dedicated to insuring that visitors to our normal Sunday Service feel as welcome as we can make them.


Entrance to the Church is through the door on the top of the stairs at 212 Washington St. NE. The Sunday service starts promptly at 10 AM (for other services please see the monthly Calendar).

There is a small font of Holy Water immediately inside the entry door on the right hand side as you enter.

The will be an Usher to meet you and provide a bulletin for the service. The Bulletin contains the order of the service and shows the hymn numbers in Hymnal 1940 and page numbers for readings in the 1928 Book of Common Prayer that are selected for the day. Both of these books are provided in sufficient number in each pew.

The Usher will be pleased to answer any questions you may have. Should it be that the visitor has no experience with Anglo Catholic Worship, you may ask the Usher to introduce you to some experienced member of the Congregation to act as Guide. Unless the Church is unusually crowded  the Usher will invite you to seat yourself wherever you wish.

The service  (Mass) is normally less than seventy five minutes in length. The Mass starts with Processional Hymn and Ends with a prayer after the Recessional Hymn. The course of the service is governed by the American Book of Common Prayer of 1928. Generally the service progresses through a series of prayers, a lesson (usually an Epistle), a Gospel reading, a recitation of the Nicene Creed and a Homily or Sermon (seldom more than 15 minutes). After the Sermon, an Offertory is followed by Consecration and Holy Communion, a Thanksgiving prayer, recessional hymn and final prayer.

After the Mass there is  coffee and light snacks provided in the Parish Hall (we call it the Undercroft you may think of it as the basement), this is an excellent chance to meet us and get any  questions answered.

Wheelchair access is available to the Church and we are pleased to accommodate any special needs if possible. A call to Deacon Specht at (256)797-0473 is suggested to allow us to have a guide meet you in the parking lot to ensure your safety and comfort.