Chapter 3

Jeff Lowry

Sorry this is a bit late. I really enjoyed Abp. Welby’s discussion
of the many ways the Mary who anointed Jesus with the
expensive perfume was violating customs.

Abp. Welby’s example of the wealthy man who could not be bothered with the priest at his dinner party was very good. I have not been present at quite that extreme an example. However, sadly , such things still exist. In the early ’90s I did my counseling internship at an agency which worked primarily with people who found themselves homeless. The new Episcopal priest sent a $100 contribution. The agency was grateful to receive it. The priest later confronted me asking had we not received the
contribution? I said yes we were very appreciative receiving it. He snorted back, “That was supposed to keep the homeless people of the church’s doorstep”. Nothing of the sort was previously said or written …